The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode, Limited Edition: A Journey to the Dark Side

Nov 10, 2023

The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode Limited Edition: A Journey to the Dark Side

"You don’t know the power of the dark side!" - Darth Vader

In a galaxy far, far away, we ventured into the depths of the unknown to create our latest masterpiece: The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode, Limited Edition. This unique journey draws inspiration from the mysterious Star Wars universe, where extraordinary powers are hidden.

The Dark Dream - Why black, you may ask? It all started with the passionate desires of our customers. They yearned for a black SpyraBlaster. However, this dream came with challenges as real as the dark side of the Force. The potential for confusion with real weapons was a concern we couldn’t ignore. Nonetheless, just in time for the Black Week, we decided to turn this dream into reality, awakening the adventurer within each of us. To maintain its identity as a toy, we decided not to colour the front and the switch.

Crafting the Limited Edition - Creating something truly exceptional requires dedication and craftsmanship. The Spyra Tech-Team tackled the challenge with enthusiasm. They expertly disassembled the SpyraBlasters, had them professionally painted, and then reassembled them with love, precision, and the mystical touch of the Force. Every step was taken in Munich, Germany, ensuring that each SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode was a unique piece of art.

A Rare Gem - The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode is more than just a water blaster; it’s a gem of darkness. There are only 20 limited editions available. Fifteen are offered for sale, in response to the wishes of our dedicated customers. The remaining five will be raffled by us. To emphasize the uniqueness of each SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode, we've crafted individual certificates, personally signed by our CEO, Sebastian Walter, much like how Jedi Masters impart their wisdom and guidance to their Padawans, creating a unique connection between mentor and apprentice.

The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to crafting innovative and safe products that don't skimp on the enjoyment. Just as the Jedi Masters sought balance and wisdom in the Force, we, too, have sought the perfect equilibrium between thrill and safety. Join us in this journey to the dark side and follow us on social media for more history from our limited edition.

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