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If you love a good water battle, the SpyraLX is the perfect companion for your summer.

Here's why:
The SpyraLX is the first mechanical water gun on the planet to be equipped with our signature SpyraBlast Technology – Individual, fast-flying single blasts of water. Water battles will never be the same. Set up the battlefield with a few sources of fresh water and join the epic.

Reloading is done right there on the battlefield and becomes part of the game experience. Grab a few SpyraLX and start an epic team battle.

Sneak up on your opponents while they reload, give your team members some cover fire while they advance – water battles have never been more tactical and more epic.  

SpyraBlast Technology: Every pull of the trigger discharges a powerful SpyraBlast of water with unprecedented precision.


PressureTech: To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraLX into a clean water source and fully refill and repressurize in seconds.

Manual Power: Ready when you are. This mechanical water gun does not have a battery but is always ready for use.

Safe delivery in robust overpack.
Parcel insurance & tracking inclusive.
Shipping via DHL/FedEx/UPS
Parcel size:
Single: 680mm x 260mm x 170mm | 27in x 10in x 6.5in 
Parcel weight:
Single: 2,2 kg | 4.9 lb

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the SpyraTwo️ and the SpyraLX️?

Why is the SpyraLX the best mechanical water gun? 

Is the SpyraLX waterproof? 

What is the range of the SpyraLX?

Why did you develop a mechanical water gun?

At Spyra, we guarantee maximum fun with every Spyra purchase.
Our team of water battle experts is working constantly to answer all your questions. You can reach us via Facebook, Instagram or by Email.
Spyra offers free shipping to a variety of countries.