Unleash Fun with Spyra Water Blasters: Elevating Your Water Gun Battles
Jul 09, 2024

Working at Spyra isn't just about innovation; it's about creating unforgettable moments of joy and camaraderie. Last week, we took a break from our desks and immersed ourselves in the ultimate water blaster showdown, showcasing the latest SpyraBlasters and PowerUPs from 2024.  Why Spyra Water Blasters?  Spyra is synonymous with cutting-edge water gun technology. Our 2024 lineup features new SpyraBlasters and PowerUps that redefine what it means to have fun with water. Imagine drenching your opponents with precision and power, all while experiencing the thrill of friendly competition.  How to Play with Spyra Water Blasters:  Team Formation: Divide your group...

Level Up Your Water Battles this Summer with the SpyraBlast and SpyraColor!
Apr 25, 2024

Hey there, water warriors! Get ready to turn up the heat on your summer shenanigans because we've just dropped two epic power-ups that will take your water battles to a whole new level. Introducing the SpyraBlast and SpyraColor – two exciting additions to the SpyraUniverse that are here to shake things up and add a splash of excitement to your outdoor escapades.   New Power-Ups, New Adventures We've beefed up our arsenal with these latest additions, designed to supercharge your water warfare experience and keep the fun flowing all summer long.   SpyraBlast – Unleash the Fury Say goodbye to...

The fun is here: say hi to the SpyraGO™ our entry model for kids and kidults.
Mar 26, 2024

🔫 Hey water warriors and adventure seekers! Are you ready for a game-changing water-blasting experience that transcends generations? Well, get ready to meet the SpyraGO™– the ultimate entry model for Kids and Kidults that's set to redefine how we experience water battles!Setting the Stage: The Birth of SpyraGO™ Let's dive into the roots of SpyraGO™ – a brainchild born out of the passion to create a water blaster that combines precision, innovation, and is the first SpyraBlaster suitable for all ages. The Spyra team envisioned a product that would cater to both the young hearts and those young at heart...

Water-Fun Deluxe: Time-Traveling to Childhood! 💦🚸
Mar 07, 2024
In the tapestry of childhood memories, one vibrant thread stands out – the pure joy of wild water battles in the backyard, with friends, siblings, and perhaps even parents involved. And what better way is there to connect than through a little challenge? Who will be soaked at the end?
The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode, Limited Edition: A Journey to the Dark Side
Nov 10, 2023

The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode Limited Edition: A Journey to the Dark Side "You don’t know the power of the dark side!" - Darth Vader In a galaxy far, far away, we ventured into the depths of the unknown to create our latest masterpiece: The SpyraThree™ – Dark Mode, Limited Edition. This unique journey draws inspiration from the mysterious Star Wars universe, where extraordinary powers are hidden. The Dark Dream - Why black, you may ask? It all started with the passionate desires of our customers. They yearned for a black SpyraBlaster. However, this dream came with challenges as real...

The perfect holiday gadget: Go on adventures with the SpyraBlasters
Jun 03, 2023

Team Spyra has some feeling that summer 2023 is going to be legendary! Of course, you can just block a lounger with your towel and lie around on your towel all day. Or you can grab some cool gadgets – just as the SpyraBlasters – and turn your summer day into a unforgettable one.   Summer at home: Make the most of it. In Germany we have a term for this: “Urlaub in Balkonien” (eng. holidays on the balcony). Even though a holiday at the beach, in the mountains or in the city always brings adventure and something new, a...

Top 5 Must haves for an epic water battle
May 06, 2023

With the invention of the Spyra Tech, water battles have become so much more than just soaking your opponent. No more yelling and running towards your human of choice. That’s still fun, for sure, but it’s even more fun that you now have the chance to make video games reality. The real-life gameplay. Just as in video games, you can create a whole world around water battles. Set up an arena with obstacles or get creative with mother nature. We show you, what you really need to make your next water battle next level epic! 1. The proper water gun...

Best three game modes for water fights
Apr 08, 2023

In retrospect, much of the fun we remember from the summer water fights of our childhood was born from our imagination: We did not have water guns, but anti-undead blasters and were fighting not our friends, but slimy zombies (and the occasional unlucky adult who crossed our path). These days, it’s hard to come up with the same feeling of thrill we had back then. To be soaked or not to be soaked has become boring. That is… with regular water guns.   SpyraBlasters: made for water battles with strategic depth One of the reasons we built the SpyraBlasters is that...

Did you ever wonder how the epic SpyraBlasters are created?
Mar 07, 2023

We interviewed our creative minds and SPYRA's rockstar engineers. The spotlight is on Dr. K, chief of pyrotechnics and explosions, Julia, the most passionate and rigorous engineer you'll ever meet, and Stefan, our Art Director circling over all product developments like an eagle. Here´s what they have to say about how the epic SpyraBlasters are created. 1. What makes SPYRA’s products stand out?    Stefan The water gun, the toy that we know from our childhood has been re-experienced and gives the impression of having grown up with us.     Dr. K A technology lover like me was immediately inspired...

GenesisPass: The next level Golden ticket to your SpyraGenesis
Jan 27, 2023

If you follow us, you surely know about the SpyraGenesis. It’s our limited edition SpyraTwo of 24 pieces, that comes in a tempting transparent design. While you strive to be the water fight king or queen, you can see the inner working move. We now give away the last 7 SpyraGenesis that wait for their water fighter in our secret chamber. We wouldn’t be SPYRA, if we didn´t have something special in mind: We’ve put 7 GenesisPasses in 7 random SpyraTwo boxes. With a bit of luck and good karma, you can find one of them with your SpyraTwo order....

The one and only summer bucket list for epic adventures
Dec 31, 2022

We at Team Spyra can hardly wait for summer. Even though winter has its own charm and brings many opportunities, we still enjoy the summer with its pool parties, BBQs and days at the lake a little more. To make your summer unforgettable, we at Team Spyra have pooled our best (and wildest) ideas and put together a unique bucket list for summer 2023. Ready for summer? Start the epic! summer bucket list #1 - Festivals Good music, cool people and a drink or two too many   Let's start with the basics. Summer = festival season. Means: several days...

The ultimate Christmas gifts for men that have everything
Dec 07, 2022

Do you want a Christmas present for men that puts everything else in the shadows? Then forget all your boring standard men’s gift ideas. Ties, scarves and slippers! Get the hot tip of the year 2022. "Men just wanna have fun" with their Christmas gifts Where's the excitement and the thrill under the Christmas tree? Probably the same place all the wool socks have gone that have piled up over the years. Inside every man there is an excited child, just waiting to get up to nonsense and tease the family. SPYRA offers the perfect Christmas gift for men all...

10 fun autumn activities for adults [epic edition]
Nov 24, 2022

Autumn is here. And with it, cold days, fog and gloomy mood. Instead of moping around, autumn is the perfect time to get involved in some extraordinary activities. After all, the mystique, the cosiness and everything that classically comes with autumn lend autumn activities their very own flair. However, we are not talking about walks in the woods, movie nights or wellness weekends. Even though these autumn activities are great, Team Spyra is up for more thrills and excitement. And besides, you can also find these suggestions in thousands of other lists. We, on the other hand, have compiled our...

Epic trickshot games with water blasters
Oct 26, 2022

In many parts of the world, autumn is already here. But even when the days get colder, you don't have to put your SpyraBlaster in the cellar. Unlike other water guns, the SpyraBlaster is not just there to cool down your friends. Thanks to the SpyraBlast technology and its individual, powerful blasts, epic adventures can still be a thing in autumn. How about a trickshot challenge, for example? Whether alone or against friends, you can challenge yourself (and gain ahhhs and ohhhhs) with trickshots. True to the motto "Summer bodies are made in winter", now is the time to train...

The strongest mechanical single blaster
Apr 13, 2022

We just released the SpyraLX. Our mechanical masterpiece!! You might be surprised and wonder: You are Spyra, you made the SpyraTwo, the strongest water gun in the world! Why on earth would you invent a mechanical water gun now?  Here is a bit of explanation: The story behind SpyraLX: For several decades two types of water guns existed: mechanical and electrical. The electrical products were all garbage until Spyra came along and launched SpyraOne and SpyraTwo - the world’s strongest water guns. But that was not enough for us! We wanted to be the best in both categories. So, we...

Spyra Genesis
Dec 22, 2021

If you are old enough to have witnessed (parts of) the 90s, you might remember that there was a time, when all of a sudden products started to be transparent. Maybe it was the transparent Game Boy Colour that kickstarted that, but instantly it was everywhere. We had something similar in mind with a special batch to be remembered. And because we are not shy when it comes to naming things, we decided to call this batch of super limited items the SpyraGenesis as in the beginning and here is how it went down: On the first morning, before we...

What is the strongest water gun in the world?
Aug 11, 2021

Do you still remember the water battles back in the 1990s? You enjoyed soaking your friends every summer while you were trying to stay dry. You were using different methods to win the water fight: from quick, casual fights to long and objective-oriented battles. Some of you might have also organized a whole tournament splitting up into two or more groups, spraying each other to find out who has the best equipment and plays the most tactical. We have now designed the SpyraTwo to bring back all these unforgettable memories and make them even better! If you want to see the SpyraTwo...

Chilling Water Battles
May 04, 2021

Hey, there water fighter - do you know what will really impact your water battle experience? You may have heard about dying your water in different colors but that is only the tip of the iceberg. How about you make your water battles REALLY memorable for yourself and all your friends! Here are some tips to get a unique and "chilling" Spyra water battle experience. Give your friends "the chills”! Getting drenched in water is all good and well but it does not motivate your teammates to give it their all. In case it is really really hot outside they might...

How To Use Your Cover Like a Pro!
Apr 07, 2021

You got your SpyraOne, your SpyraBase and some friends to start the most epic water battle with? Great! Did you set up the field with designated spots for your team bases and strategic covers? Perfect! So, now that you're all ready to go - what's the plan? Yell and run towards the opposing team and hope to get them all drenched before they have filled up their SpyraOne? Sounds...solid, unless - your opponents probably have the exact same strategy. Sorry. But you can do better. Here, we are going to tell you all about one of the most underrated player positions:...

Why is the SpyraOne Red/Blue?
Mar 08, 2021

You have been wondering for a long time why the SpyraOne is (only) available in the colors red and blue? What was the inspiration behind the colors of the SpyraOne and is there more behind our color choice than you would think at first glance? For you as a real SpyraFan, here is the full backstory and the reason why there can really only be red and blue! Did you know that colors can manipulate our subconscious? As soon as colors come (literally) into play in our world, nothing is left to chance. Have you ever wondered why red teams...

Spyra Survey - You spilled the beans!
Feb 09, 2021

We wanted to know what YOU guys think about the SpyraOne. It has been released over 6 months ago so it is "feedback time" and since you are all water gun experts yourselves, we were very excited to hear your final verdict. But that is not all there was to it. We also wanted to know all of your suggestions for further improvements. Are you excited, yet? Well, then let's jump into it. Keep reading to find out what our SpyraCommunity had to say! For all of you who don't know what this is all about. We have distributed a...

What is Spyra Up To in Winter?
Jan 05, 2021

What does a water gun selling company do in winter when the season for water fights is over? Well, mostly we enjoy our free time and devote ourselves to our hobbies, go on vacation or just sleep right through winter until we can finally start having water fights with the SpyraOne again. But seriously… As good as that sounds to us - it does not quite display the reality in the Spyra HQ in winter. After all, we cannot pride ourselves on the SpyraOne alone and leave it at that. Besides, that's not how we roll. What water gun nerds...

„Winter is coming“: How to store your SpyraOne
Nov 03, 2020

The days are getting shorter, the last trips to the lake are over for this year and we have already officially entered autumn. The time has come to winterproof the SpyraOne. But what is the best way to store your SpyraOne to fully enjoy it again in 2021? We have created an easy guide with only three steps for you. Step 1: Empty the Tank You can remove the water from the tank using the empty shot. To make sure that all the water is out of the tank you can repeat the empty-shot several times. Step 2: Charge the Battery Your SpyraOne includes a...

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