GenesisPass: The next level Golden ticket to your SpyraGenesis

Jan 27, 2023

If you follow us, you surely know about the SpyraGenesis. It’s our limited edition SpyraTwo of 24 pieces, that comes in a tempting transparent design. While you strive to be the water fight king or queen, you can see the inner working move.

We now give away the last 7 SpyraGenesis that wait for their water fighter in our secret chamber. We wouldn’t be SPYRA, if we didn´t have something special in mind: We’ve put 7 GenesisPasses in 7 random SpyraTwo boxes. With a bit of luck and good karma, you can find one of them with your SpyraTwo order. Even Willy Wonka would be proud.

So what are you waiting for? Begin your hunt for the GenesisPass now - get clicking!

How it works

Our Oompa-Loompas will carefully take care of your orders as usual, only this time they will put 7 ultimate GenesisPasses in 7 SpyraTwo orders that were randomly selected.

✔️Order at least once from 27 January to 22 February to be in. The more often you order, the higher the chance of finding a GenesisPass. The passes are hidden in single and duel set boxes.

✔️Find a black chromatic GenesisPass in your SpyraTwo box and follow the instructions on the back to claim your excusive SpyraGenesis.

✔️ If you´d like, keep updated with our SpyraNewsletter. (optional)


You´ve found a GenesisPass?

Excited you opened your SpyraTwo box and noticed a black shimmering card in it? Congrats, you’re 1 of 24 SpyraGenesis owners now! It´s time to claim your prize.

✔️ Post a picture of your special find on social media and let us know by tagging SPYRA on it.

✔️ Email us your contact information as well as your address to The chauffeur of the mysterious black van needs to know where to bring the SpyraGenesis.

✔️ Name the secret code.

✔️ Recieve your SpyraGenesis and be happy for the rest of your life.

p.s. Please don’t ever show the back of your GenesisPass to the world. The secret code makes anyone who knows about it very powerful.




We’ll update this list with every GenesisPass that was found. We can´t wait to meet the winners!


name  winning date
1 Louis F. 18 February
2 Jordan G. 19 February
3 Jeffrey R. 03 March
4 Thomas C. 21 March


Congrats to all these lucky humans!


Frequently Asked Questions

The last 7 SpyraGenesis of our special batch of 24 pieces. You can find more details in our blog post.

With every SpyraTwo order (single and duel) you have the chance to find a GenesisPass that we´ve slipped in 7 SpyraTwo boxes. It’s as simple as that.

You have the chance to find the GenesisPass in every SpyraTwo box we send out. You can find our shipping countries here.

Depending on your location, your SpyraGenesis is shipped with DHL or FedEx. You´ll get a tracking number by us, so you don´t have to camp in front of your mail box.

Of course not. With your GenesisPass you get a carefree package. Everything is paid for by SPYRA.

No, but the winners are encouraged to post a photo or video tagging SPYRA to share their happiness with us.

No. Of course, we’re very happy to hear from you but going on our nerves won´t influence the coincidence.

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For full terms and conditions for the campaign click here. If you have any questions, contact us via

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