Going all-in, we brought high-tech to the water gun and water fun to the next level. The outcome: A powerful and fully automated colossus of a water gun.

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SpyraTwo™ -

Going all-in, we brought high-tech to the water gun and water fun to the next level. The outcome: A powerful and fully automated colossus of a water gun.

Top 5 Questions

What's the difference between the SpyraTwo™, the SpyraThree™ and the SpyraLX™?

The SpyraTwo™ and SpyraThree™ are our fully automated blasters. They come along with an auto-reload which refills and repressurizes your blaster in under 10 seconds. On top, they have a digital display to be in control of the tank and battery status at all times.

While the SpyraTwo™ is made for the ultimate Gameplay with one game mode, the SpyraThree™ is your buddy at any occasion. You can switch between three different play styles: Open mode for freestyle, burst mode to have a blast with three blast by one trigger and league mode for ultimate gameplay. The SpyraLX™ is our manual SpyraBlaster. It comes along with the signature SpyraBlast tech and contant pressure but is refilled by muscle power.

How far can the SpyraTwo™ shoot?

With the SpyraTwo™ you can hit targets up to 10 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. With the PowerShot you even have a range of 15m.

What does the game mode of the SpyraTwo™ look like?

To make the gameplay perfect, our developers have come up with a few twists. You can shoot up to 3 blasts in succession. After that, your blaster needs a few seconds to reload new blasts. On the display, you can always see how many blasts are ready to fire by the bars on the right. This game mode is not only about soaking the enemy from top to bottom, but also about shooting strategically. If you push the trigger longer, a PwerShot is loaded. This is as powerful as 3 individual shots and gives your opponent another good hit.
Does it hurt to get hit?
The individual blasts are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but you shouldn't be knocked out by it. The game must go on, right?

How do I refill the SpyraTwo™?

To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraTwo™ into a water source and fully refills and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds. No need to run back into the house and no need for a significant time out.
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Customer Reviews

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Jen P.
I should've bought more

I made the mistake of letting my nephews play with them and now I can't get them back lol. They are awesome!

Spyra challenge

Even though it's winter here ,I had to buy one for next summer, its going to be a long wait!
Unbelievable how quickly it turned up here in new zealand may be I should have got pistols as well.

Spyra3 is the way to be!

You know that scene in the movie Hook where that old guy finds his marbles at the end and then sprinkles himself with pixie dust and starts zooming around the house cackling like a maniac? The Spyra 3 Duel Pack had the exact same effect on me. Seriously, unlike any water gun I have handled before (and I’ve owned a vast armament of Super Soakers). Like harnessing one of those dancing water spouts in the palm of your hands. Amazing that they were able to find that sweet spot of water jet PSI where you kinda recoil from empathy pain after blasting a toddler in the face, but they just laugh it off. Unreal that you can actually feel recoil from the shots. Definition of power drunk is running two of these bad boys akimbo. Super happy with my purchase!!