Gift the epicness: Easter Gifts for Adults and your Grown-up Peeps
We are clearly in favour of this: Adults can also go on an Easter egg hunt. Who says you'll get too old for this tradition at some point? Easter gifts for adults are not only fun for the whole family, but also bring a little childhood memory into everyday life. If you're in the process of helping the Easter Bunny with Easter gifts, you've come to the right place. Want to be the one with the coolest Easter gift? Luckily, you've come across SPYRA in your search for Easter gifts for adults. Whether you're shopping for dad, your best friend, your partner or your teen, you're guaranteed to please everyone with these epic Easter gifts. With these adult Easter gift ideas on your side, all we're saying is.... Mr. Easter Bunny, take your notes.

Make your Easter gift a hit
As an Easter gift, it doesn't always have to be something that can be personalised. A gripping present can also be something out of the ordinary. Something epic. Something that heralds spring - like our SpyraBlaster. Whether it's a new trickshot, a huge water battle in the park or an one on one with your sibling at the BBQ. You bring home stories that will stay with you forever. Your experiences, your stories: give the gift of epic time together!

Why Spyra stands out from other Easter gifts
Compared to conventional water guns, there are three things in particular that make the SpyraBlaster stand out as an Easter gift: The SpyraBlast technology, the intelligent PressureTech and the futuristic sci-fi design that could come straight out of a video game.The SpyraOne™, SPYRA's very first water gun from 2020, became popular precisely because of its individually fired water blasts. Instead of continuous jets of water, powerful single blasts can be fired. From now on, the aim was no longer to get opponents wet, but to win with clear hits. Especially at close range of three to six metres, the water blasts reach an insane speed and mark the opponent's clothes with a clear water stain. A kind of paintball - only for the hot summer days. The precise blasts also allow you to try your hand at cool trick shots. Ever tried shooting a cup off a table 5 metres away? Or catch a Frisbee in mid-air? As Easter gifts, the SpyraBlaster can also be tried out directly.
If the days are still a little too cold to soak yourself from top to toe, you can sharpen your skills in advance with the help of cool trick shots so that you can start the water battle as a pro on the next hot day. Another high-tech feature of the SPYRA Easter gifts is the sophisticated PressureTech, which is installed in both SpyraBlasters and ensures powerful water blasts from the first to the last shot. While the PressureTech in the SpyraTwo™ electrically balances the pressure in the tank, a mechanical solution was found in the SpyraLX™. In both cases, the pressure is automatically built up during reloading. It is therefore not necessary to turn your back on the enemy for a long time. In just a few moments, you are back in the game. Another striking feature of the Easter present is the unique design. No tank balloon, no cheaply colourful and bumpy colour scheme. Instead, the SpyraBlasters have a futuristic science fiction design that is reminiscent of space films and video games.
The high-tech inside should also be recognisable from the outside - and intimidate the opponents in the water battle. The different surfaces, the exposed screws, the angular shape give the SpyraBlasters their incomparable look. The SpyraBlasters are available in blue and red, reflecting their gameplay and video game character. Which colour is the right one for an Easter gift? That depends on the person receiving the Easter gift. Several studies have shown that in action-based games, the red team is on average more successful than the blue team. In strategy-based games like League of Legends, it's the other way around. There, blue teams win more often on average than red teams. Is the Christmas present for the brave shooter from Team Red or the strategic precision shooter from Team Blue? That´s your chance for personalisation.

SpyraTwo™ – The one-and-only Easter gift for high-tech fans
If you thought there was no evolution of the classic Super Soaker water gun from the nineties, you are sorely mistaken. The SpyraTwo™ uses modern technology and applies it to the old concept of a water gun. It is by far the most powerful water gun on planet earth. And it looks like a gun from a computer game - undoubtedly next generation. The SpyraTwo™ is powered by a electric motor and scores with a mega fast water blast that completely drenches your opponents. With its extreme range of 15 m maximum, you can hit even the most distant targets. To trigger the shot, you just have to bend your finger - that's all. The magic happens inside. The so-called tactical display – a digital display on top of the SpyraTwo™ – shows the remaining tank volume in percent and the battery status as well as the loaded shots. In total, you can fire up to 3 loaded shots in succession, with each shot consisting of an amount of water equal to about one shot glass.
Reloading a shot takes just under 1 second and makes the gameplay even more tactical. If you hold the trigger down after a shot, a pervasive PowerShot is charged that is as effectual as three single blasts. Note that the PowerShots have as much power as 3 single blasts and of course empty the tank faster than regular shots. So use the PowerShots wisely.Due to the built-in motor, longer ranges are also possible than with a conventional water gun. The SpyraTwo™ is able to shoot up to 15 metres. Once the SpyraTwo™ is completely filled, you can fire 22 times. After that, the tank must be refilled. To get a new water charge, press the trigger forward and hold the SpyraTwo™ with the tip in the water for about 10 seconds. You don't have to pump, because the technology automatically fills the tank for you. The water gun works with a tank that pressurises itself, so there is no need for manual pressure equalisation as with conventional water guns.
After only 10 seconds, the SpyraTwo™ is fully operational again and ready for the next attack. By the way, you don't have to worry about an empty battery, which is supposed to last for up to 90 pumping cycles or 2,000 blasts without any problems. The battery can be recharged via an USB cable.
Even the hard technology details make regular water pistols look old as an Easter present: - Capacity: 22 blasts of 33 ml each - Power Shot: around 100 ml each and therefore as powerful as 3 single blasts - Effective range: 10 meters - Maximum range: 15 meters - Reload time: 10 seconds for refill and repressurization - Battery operating time: 90 reloads or 2000 blasts - Charging time: 4.5 hours

SpyraLX™ – The perfect Easter gift for spontaneous people
After the mission to build the best water gun in the world, it was time to also create the best manual water gun in the world. The SpyraLX™ maintains the cool, futuristic design and comes with the same catchy colours and patented SpyraBlast Technology as the SpyraTwo™. Forget the inaccurate water jets that regular water guns deliver. The SpyraLX™ shoots single blasts with pinpoint accuracy at an impressive distance of up to 9 metres. What exactly makes the SpyraLX™ a perfect Easter gift for adventurers? The SpyraLX™ is completely mechanical. There is no shot counter on the digital display and no automatic refill with a battery-operated pump. This has the great advantage that you don't have to remember to charge your SpyraBlaster every time. The SpyraLX™ has the smart pressure system of the SpyraTwo™, but it replaces it with a manual solution. There is a handle at the back of the water gun that you operate with a little muscle power.
With manual pumping, you can fill up the SpyraLX™ at the same time as creating the pressure to shoot powerful blasts. This makes the SpyraLX™ the perfect Easter gift for spontaneous people. Independent of electricity, it can be easily retrieved for spontaneous attacks and refilled in the nearest water source within a few pumping motions. Unlike other water pistols that require you to submerge a tank or the entire device in a vat of water to reload, the SpyraLX™ is much easier - and faster. All you have to do is submerge the front of the water pistol in water and then pull the handle until it is completely filled. On the side of the water pistol is a water level indicator that you can watch as it rises during filling. In the game, it tells you at any time when it's time to pull back and recharge. The water guns of the SPYRA line not only want to determine the future of water battles, but also look the part.
The SpyraLX™ impresses as an Easter gift with a futuristic shape and a colourful design. Unlike other water pistols that require you to submerge a tank or the entire device in a vat of water to reload, the SpyraLX™ is much easier - and faster. All you have to do is submerge the front of the water pistol in water and then pull the handle until it is completely filled. On the side of the water pistol is a water level indicator that you can watch as it rises during filling. In the game, it tells you at any time when it's time to pull back and recharge. The water pistols of the Spyra line not only want to determine the future of water battles, but also look the part. The SpyraLX™ impresses as a Christmas gift with a futuristic shape and a colourful design. Like the other models, the SpyraLX™ is available in blue or red.
Like the other models, the SpyraLX™ is available in blue or red. When the SpyraLX™ is loaded and all you have to do is aim and shoot, the fun really starts. The water bullets are both accurate and powerful. With the impressive range, you can hit enemies that most water guns wouldn't reach. Why the SpyraLX™ is a great Easter gift for spontaneous people can also be summed up in a few facts: - Tank volume: 18 blasts of 28 ml each. - Tank indicator in percent - Effective range: 9 metres - Reloading time: approx. 18 pumping movements incl. automatic pressure compensation - Durable and waterproof design - Manoeuvrable lightweight

The Easter gift add-ons for a complete adventure
Adventures don't need much. But with certain equipment it does get more exciting. After all, you can then concentrate completely on the experience and don't have to worry about the basics. Full focus, full excitement. At SPYRA you can get complementary equipment that makes the water battle adventure even better: the SpyraGear. The Spyra water source and Spyra sunglasses perfectly match the colour of the SpyraBlasters. So how about SpyraGear for an Easter gift? It's all about the base. The SpyraBase™ acts as a water resource for your team and makes the gameplay 'water battle' perfect. Matching the SpyraBlasters, the bases also shine in bright red or blue. With the SpyraBases™ as an additional Easter gift, no more time-consuming search for suitable water sources is necessary. Moreover, the opponent team cannot pile up around the only water source and cut off your ammunition. And let's face it - a SpyraBase™ on the pitch looks totally cool too.
Thanks to the SpyraSpecs™, you'll be able to see through even the wettest battles. The high-quality sunglasses adapt to your style and your SpyraBlaster. Whether blue or red, the SpyraSpecs™ combine style with function. The timeless pilot design protects you from the sun and water splashes even on the hottest days and lets you keep a cool head. We love multifunctionality, which is why the SpyraSpecs™ are a thoughtful Easter gift for both everyday wear and the next water fight.

Epic Easter gifts for adults by SPYRA
Water guns are a fascination of the 90s. Back then, you ran around the neighbourhood with your friends, hiding behind walls and hedges, shooting each other and getting wet. Just when you left your own garden, the adventure only began. With SPYRA, you can relive those times or let your younger siblings, children or nieces and nephews experience them with you. With an Easter gift from the epic SPYRA portfolio, you can do just that. If you have any questions about SpyraBlasters or need help choosing the right Easter gift, please contact us at hello@spyra.com. Together with you, we want to break the traditional conventions of Easter and give it a little more epicness. Anyone can be normal. Now is the time for the extraordinary and unforgettable.

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Enhance your game.
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